Medical Design Innovations Laboratory

Combining Research Excellence with Student Advancement

The MDI Lab's primary mission is to further medical science and improve patient outcomes through innovative device designs. This objective is pursued from a perspective and culture focused on training tomorrow's engineers within a radically inclusive environment: everyone is welcome. We prioritize two things: people and research, in equal measure. We believe that everyone is always learning, so we maintain an informal environment that welcomes student ideas... even those that need a lot of development. Truly outside-the-box thinking will only happen when students are comfortable voicing their thoughts. The MDI Lab provides space and resources for students to engage with real medical device design problems, hone their scientific skillsets, and further their personal and professional development. We firmly believe that success is only achievable through team effort; therefore, we incorporate a diverse array of graduate and undergraduate students into research collaborations with professors, doctors, medical caregivers, and business professionals.